A Personalized Approach to Clinical Development

Pipeline molecules and the tumor microenvironment Pipeline molecules and the tumor microenvironment

With the emerging potential of combination interventions, Genentech's mission is to drive progress by pursuing the fight against cancer even more comprehensively.

Through a diverse pipeline of investigational molecules in more than 100 ongoing clinical trials, Genentech strives to further the understanding of cancer biology.

Cancers can be classified according to patterns of immune activity. Through the understanding of these patterns and varying, often nonoverlapping mechanisms of immune evasion, Genentech aims to advance the potential of combination strategies to provide a personalized approach for patients with cancer.

Genentech continues to investigate critical signaling pathways and targeted strategies, which may play an important role in combination regimens for integrated patient care.

With a broad range of molecules currently under investigation, including many collaborative efforts, Genentech aims to advance personalized strategies that will improve the lives of people with cancer.