Effects of VEGF Inhibition

Inhibition of new and recurrent tumor vessel growth, as demonstrated in preclinical models

Targeting VEGF may result in ongoing inhibition of both new and recurrent tumor vessel growth (Table 1). It has been proposed that these effects may help inhibit tumor growth and metastasis.1-3

Research also suggests that blockade of VEGF signaling may help inhibit tumor growth by preventing new vessel growth at both primary and metastatic sites.4

Table 1. Proposed effects of VEGF inhibition1-11

Tumor vessel inhibition

Tumor vessel regression

Interferes with the ability of VEGF to help tumor vessels establish and grow

Associated with reduced tumor growth and decreased metastatic potential

Interferes with the ability of VEGF to help tumor vessels survive

Associated with reduction in microvascular density and tumor volume

Regression of existing tumor vasculature, as demonstrated in preclinical models

Based on preclinical models, it has also been proposed that VEGF inhibition may regress existing tumor vessels (Table 1). These reductions in microvascular density have been associated with a reduction in tumor volume and weight (Figure 1).3,5-8,12-15

Figure 1. Microcomputed tomography image showing effect of VEGF inhibition in a preclinical model8

Control tumor (no VEGF inhibition)

After 48 hours of VEGF inhibition


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