Therapeutic Targets

At Genentech BioOncology, we drive cancer research forward by exploring innovative ways to target the biological mechanisms
of cancer. We specifically design molecules so they can selectively bind to a therapeutic target that regulates growth, proliferation,
and cell survival.

  • Akt

    Discover how Akt plays a central role in cancer cell growth and survival.

  • BCL-2

    Learn more about how targeting BCL-2 may help lead to apoptosis in cancer cells.

  • CD79b

    Find out about CD79b, a key component of the B-cell receptor, and its role in malignant B-cell signaling.

  • HER1 (EGFR)

    Discover more about the role of HER1 in multiple tumor types.

  • HER3

    Examine the role of HER3, a key HER family receptor directly involved in the activation of the PI3K pathway.

  • HER4

    Find out whether this HER family member plays a role in cancer development.

  • MEK

    Discover more about how tumor cell proliferation may be prevented by targeting MEK.

  • mTOR

    Find out how the mTOR kinase acts as a signaling nodal point in promoting the growth and survival of cancer cells.

  • PI3K

    Learn more about the biological effects of targeting PI3K in tumor cells.

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